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Benefits of Fine-Fin®

Heat Exchanger Tech

Fine-Fin® provides 2.5 to 3 times the external surface area of bare tube.

This yields numerous benefits for the heat transfer equipment

Reduced capital cost for new equipment

Enhanced heat exchange efficiency means less Fine-Fin tubing is required to accomplish the same heat transfer as a bare tube.

Reduced retrofitting cost for existing equipment

Fine-Fin can increase the performance of an existing heat exchanger without the difficult and expensive task of building new shells, heads, nozzles, piping and foundations.

Space, weight & structural savings

Reduced plot space and weight can be extremely valuable in offshore production or high elevation distillation columns. Fine-Fin technology transforms large shell & tube exchangers into compact heat exchangers.

More materials & alloys to select

Fine-Fin is available in a wider range of alloys than traditional low-fin tubing which is restricted to soft metals. This opens a new world of opportunity for enhanced tubing in corrosive service. The more expensive the tube material, the more dramatic the cost savings of Fine-Fin.

Reduced maintenance & life cycle cost

Proper material selection with Fine-Fin can eliminate costly downtime & maintenance. Example: Coastal refineries using once-through seawater cooling systems can benefit by substituting conventional copper nickel tubing with Titanium Fine-Fin tubing. Titanium Fine-Fin is highly resistant to seawater corrosion erosion.

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